Sela's response to finding out the fans are working on getting her a star on the walk of fame:
"I understand that the gesture of this "star" was to be a surprise b'day gift. Please know that this "surprise" will stay with me for many years to come-for the rest of my life!! And even in July, I won't forget this amazing gift!!"
-Sela Ward

Walk of Fame

5/10/05....The application update for Sela's star was mailed today..keep your fingers crossed!

7/23/04...I submitted an update to the walk of fame in april...the list was released last month. Sela wasn't selected but I noticed a list of names of people I thought would have had one already. So this process must really take a long time. Rod Stewart just got his this year. So stay tuned for next summer!

4/2003 It is time to submit the update for the Walk Of Fame application. A two page update is being sent to the committee. Stayed tuned for selection results.

The committee overlooked our wishes again...but that is okay..I am in this until Sela gets her star....looking forward to the 2003 nominations.

Thank you Meridian Mississippi...Mayor Smith and Maureen Lofton! They are sticking with us and will be sponsors for year 2002.
I would like to thank the following sponsors for the 2001 nomination:

Mayor John Robert Smith and members of the Meridian community
Please check out Meridian via the web at: Sela's hometown
Meridian Star (Sela's hometown newspaper)

Lifetime Television
Lifetime Television Online