Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. If I wanted to do a celebrity site what would I have to do?
A. Contact the actor/actress's publicist with your ideas...setting up a sample page on a free webserver like Freewebs would help...that way they can see your work and ideas...include the web address in your letter to the publicist.

Q. Can I have Sela's email address?
A. No, if everyone who has asked actually emailed Sela, she wouldn't have time for anything else.

Q. Does Sela really read her fan mail?
A. Yes she does and answers it all too. Write her at:
Sela Ward
289 South Robertson Blvd. Suite 469
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Q. Is it possible to get an autographed photo of Sela?
A. Yes, just write to the address above...Sela answers all her mail personally so be patient with the time it may take.

Q. Have you ever met Sela?
A. Yes, read more about my vist Here

Q. What is Sela really like?
A. Sela is genuine...nothing fake about her....personally I find her to be a trustworthy, kind, understanding, patient, funny, loyal, family oriented person.

Q. Please tell me something about the necklace Sela wears as "Lily" on Once and Again.
A. The $1,915 bauble, dubbed the Millennium Orb, is available at Barneys New York stores. The stunning piece by L.A. jewelry designer Devon Page McCleary is a leather-cord pendant with a small diamond set in the bottom of a silver ball to signify the light in the heart and soul.