This is a story about home . . . At a time when much of America is yearning to recapture the spirit and feelings of a more innocent era, comes this exceptional new book from one of our most beloved actresses: a story of one woman's journey to reconnect with the landscape of her childhood.

Though best known today as the star of the television series Once & Again and Sisters, Sela Ward considers herself first and foremost a small-town girl. The eldest of four children, she was raised by a father who helped her believe in herself, and by a mother who taught her a sense of the importance of virtues like self-respect, grace, and sacrifice. In her hometown of Meridian, Mississippi, within a tightly-knit community of neighbors and kin, Sela learned ways that would remain with her throughout life -- humble virtues that were "forged in the hearth of a loving home."

After graduating from the University of Alabama, Sela left the South in search of the excitement of cities like New York and Los Angeles, and the creative rewards of an acting career. But as she started her own family, she found herself pining for the comforts of her small-town childhood -- and searching for a way to balance her children's West Coast upbringing with a taste of a more natural way of life. She and her husband built a second home on a farm there, where she and her family could retreat several times each year, and became involved in several projects designed to restore the vitality of the hometown she remembered so fondly. Even as Sela was reconnecting with the rhythms of home, though, her world was rocked by a crisis the family had long anticipated but never quite prepared for -- the death of her mother. As her family gathered around her mama's bedside, Sela's simple journey home became something far deeper: a turning point in her own life, as she pondered her mother's complicated legacy, and came to terms with just what it was she herself was searching for.

Filled with warmth, storytelling, and laughter, Homesick is a book to treasure: an exploration of the lessons we carry away with us from childhood, and a celebration of the bittersweet legacy of home.

"Homesick isn't your typical memoir...Sela brings such a personal touch to the words that you will feel like you are sitting in the room with her; as she shares pivotal yet personal life experiences with you.

You are in the car with her as she leaves home for the first time to attend college...she'll make you crave her aunts homemade preserves...and will allow you to emotionally embrace her through the private final moments of her mother's life...

Homesick is an honest look into a complex life that yearns for simplicity...a glimpse into a soul which is even more beautiful than the face that graces magazines and television. When you finish the book you will feel as if you made a new friend...and have an aching desire to pick up the phone and call home."-Ruthie (webmaster)

*Portion of book proceeds benefit Hope Village For Children.
Sela's Book at Harper Collins site
*Sela also recorded the book...let her read it to you.