Sela's Acceptance Speech
Transcribed by Lori

Oh (very softly)... Thank you so much to the members of the Hollywood Foreign Press. This is such a wonderful, wonderful honor. Um, as George (Clooney) said earlier, I'm standing up here because of a team of people. Certainly two of the most brilliant people working in the business today, Ed Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz. (Applause) Who have created one of the most special shows on television. If you don't know that yet, you will soon.
Billy Campbell who is...I...truly one of the most talented actors today. If you don't know that yet, you will soon.) You'll know him. (Looking at Billy Campbell) I thank you so much, for the gift you give me everyday. (Billy blows her a kiss) Wonderful to work with. An incredibly talented group of writers, directors and a cast that is brilliant and I wish I had time to name them all.
My wonderful team agent Steve Dontinville, manager David Seltzer, Cliff Gilbert-Lurie, Kelly Bush, Joe Libonati. Um, (looking at the notes in her hand) A special thank you ... I don't want to forget anyone. Brian Madden who is so instrumental in me doing this show. Um, Sam Haskell. Um, Shawn Nelson. My husband Howard Sherman, who makes it possible for me. Gets up with the kids every night, at least two or three times. So I can get up at the crack of dawn. Austin and Annabella, my children, I Love You. Thank you all so much. Thank you Ed and Marshall. (Blowing them a kiss)


Sela Ward Emmy Pre-Show interview with Joan Rivers
Transcribed by Christi Nolan

J- this is very dominatrix.
S- I thought it was a fun change of pace other than beaded gowns. It's David Cordona who always does really flattering things but with a little edge and still feminine.
J- What did….you have two children?
S- I have two kids.
J- What do they think about mommy in leather?
S- Mommy you look so pretty. I could have on pajamas and they'd go mommy you look pretty. Those are my kids.
J- Turn around and show us everything. It's a leather top and the bottom is…
S- it's a leather top…the bottom is Fortuni (sp?) pleaded silk. The necklace is Raffinity. (sp?)
J- you look gorgeous.
S- I'm all set
J-You look so gorgeous
S- Thank you so much

Nancy O'Dell pre-show interview with Sela Ward and Billy Campbell.
Transcribed by Christi Nolan

N- Welcome back everyone to the countdown to the Emmy's, and I have two beautiful actors with me here. I've got Sela Ward and Billy Campbell with me from Once and Again. Congratulations on your nomination. You're presenting tonight. Have you guys discussed whose going to be more nervous?
S- You know, we just ran into each other just now.
B- laughs
N- you did, so no discussion
S- We haven't had a chance to discuss it.
N- Is he going to be holding your hand is all I'd like to ask all the time when the award comes around?
S- I hope so.
N- Now I wanna say she looks smashing tonight in this beautiful dress. Did you us, help her at all? I know you guys just act together on the show but did you help her at all in choosing her wardrobe?
B- No we didn't co-ordinate, but I was…uh..I….I…I
N-Breathless, speechless, obviously
B- I…I… I absolutely approve
N- Congratulations also too on the shows success. Everybody is talking about it and raving over it. Is that a good feeling knowing that is just keeps going and going and going?
S- It's a great feeling. I think it is such a special show and it's been critically acclaimed which feels really wonderful, and we have a great fan following and I hope it goes on and on caus' it's a wonderful show to work on.
N- Well you guys do a fabulous job. Congratulations and good luck tonight.

Sela's Acceptance Speech
Transcribed by Christi Nolan

Can I just tell you how excited I am? I didn't….I…just uh..(crying). To the Academy, I thank you from the bottom of my heart… for this honor…between the memoriam, and Michael J. Fox and Jack Lemmon I don't know if I can….and now this. (composes herself) There are a number of people who should be standing up on this stage accepting this award with me. First and foremost, Ed Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz…two of the most talented and brilliant people I know who created this awesome show. Also my co-star, incredibly gifted, Billy Campbell, without him I would not be standing here. An amazing supporting cast and crew. The writers who make this so easy…um…wrap it up. My family, the most important of all. My loving husband Howard Sherman, my kids Austin and Annabella I love you so much. From my right arm Jackie Moses. My dear friend Sean Nelson who is my coach and….I thank you for everything. Um…my representatives who are amazing…my manager Steve Dotten….I mean, that's not true…he's my agent. Steve Dottenville has been with me forever. David Seltzer my manger. Um…Cliff Gilbert Laurie (not sure of this one!!) . My amazing publicists Kelli Bush and Joe Libonati and um….God I'm so nervous…I thank you so much.

E! Entertainment's Emmy Room for winners

J- Jules Asner
ST-Steve Kmetko
S- Sela Ward

J-Best Actress in a drama, congratulations.
S-Thank you
J-For Once and Again Congratulation
S-Thank you so much
ST- They mentioned, I remember. You won for sisters in 94
S-That's right
ST-so now…bookends
J-no your….this is your second?
S-yeah, it's my second
S-yeah, I'm so thrilled. I can't tell you. I'm shocked and thrilled and I'm proud of it. I love this show. I love this show so much. Once and Again to me is so awesome and brilliant and the characters are incredible. Ed Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz are two of the most brilliant and talented people I know and they've created something very special so I'm going to carry this as a banner for the whole show. Um…it just…I can't…I'm just..I can hardly talk I'm so excited.
ST- Yours was a particularly strong category too.
S- Oh, those women are awesome. I mean, every single one of those women are brilliant gifted actresses so you just, you know, you just sort of throw the ball up in the air and go I don't know where that's coming down, because that's a difficult category and I was honored to be among them and (sighs) thrilled.
ST- Did you expect at all?
S- No….nu-uh... I sure didn't. You know, because the show was overlooked and um…you know, I didn't have that momentum going for me…um…and so yeah I was very surprised, and it was such a strong category that you know, in the back of your head you hope, you go….oh wow…is it possible? And then you go uh…80% of my brain is going no way…so just relax…and I was stunned..I really was.
J- You thanked Billy Campbell on stage…and working with such strong supporting people…how did you feel about the show receiving 1 nomination?
S-well…I…you know…it hurts because you invest so much of you life in working on…certainly a TV drama, an hour drama and you're proud of it, and uh.. you'd love for it to be acknowledged. I think it's very tough. We've only been on the air for one season. I think our day will come as a show because it is that good and that far above the norm in terms of writing and the production level. Um…so…I...I..It'll happen.
ST- well..we'll let you go compose yourself…pull yourself together
S- I do need to do that.
ST- Thanks for stopping by
S- Thank you
ST- You look luscious in leather
S- Thanks (shyly)

Now...here are just her answers..I couldn't make out the questions because they were so quiet and it wasn't closed captioned. The first question is about her age I believe and roles for women over 40...they guy said something about the James Bond thing. The second one...something about she has her chance to say something to the panel of judges or what would she like to say now. The third one is basically how she manages home life and work.-Christi

Sela Ward Press Room interview
S- Sela

S- I'm ecstatic but a little in shock…but I'm thrilled.
R-Sela Congratulations
S- thank you, thank you
R- Question
S-oh yeah….it feels great. I mean, thanks to…the pickings were really slim out there at one point in time in terms of roles when I got off sisters certainly…um…and Ed and Marshall, who created this show…are in my age range and thank god they were writing about themselves, you know, because I would have something to do and I think it's really sort of…I mean…you look at some of the actresses that are nominated there um…you know from the Soprano's and on…all certainly older. We're all in that older group and I….it's wonderful. So I don't think we're done yet. (laughs) I thought we might be for a while…but…um…I don't remember what you asked me…I'm too brain-dead…but I hope I answered it somehow.
R- question
S- If I….I…just..I can't tell you how incredibly thrilling it is to be acknowledged by your peers. To me there is no bigger compliment. Um…you, you start out so green and not knowing your head from a hole in the ground…or able to..barely able to walk ant talk and not bump into furniture and to get to this place feels wonderful. It feels really good.
R- question
S- I have two kids.
R- question
S- I'm still trying to figure that out. It's really difficult. Um….you know, I swore I'd never do another hour show…until I read the first page of this script and I just hooked into Lily's character so much and the writing. I mean, Ed and Marshall are so incredibly talented that I couldn't walk away from the project creatively but it was very tough for me because I have two small children. My kids are 2 and 6 and my little boy said to me at the end of last season. "You know Mommy, I want you to dribble all over the contract and tell them you can't work anymore because you don't play with me enough" and I …you know..it's always that balance that you're trying to create…that fine line of enough time here and there..you know…you feel like you're on a torture rack, you know, where you're being split into four different directions. But, that's the life of a working mom.