-Written by Ruthie, with love and appreciation!

Since about 1986 I have been involved in animal rescue. It is disheartening how mean people can be to such beautiful animals. Animals only want to please and are so dedicated they will even protect the hand that abuses them. I have adopted many of the rescues that have passed through my door. The main priority to is get them safe and medical care. As with my rescues that usually means little resources left for things like supplies and toys. Cool whip containers become food dishes and toys usually come from yard sales. My rescues have been blessed by a few animal lovers who have sent them new toys and treats. Which brings me to the purpose of sharing my story with you. Sela's recent kindness has taken my rescues from "rescues" to pets. By this I mean, they now have real food dishes, not storage containers. The last bird rescue now has his own new cage and no longer lives in the "rescue" cage that I keep around for emergencies. Toys like a cat tunnel...my cats enjoy climbing under blankets that are draped on furniture...so a cat tunnel has been a wish of mine for them for a long time. Items that most people buy for their pets. But as a rescuer the resources just weren't there for such luxery..

Here are some of the items from Sela.

Elliot is a cockatiel, he hasn't stopped singing and dancing since moving into his new cage. I got him from a home that had him living on the kitchen shelf where he wasn't allowed to sing. He has scarring on his head and missing toes. They considered his beautiful songs screaming. He is always singing now, people come in an remark on how happy he sounds. He loves to dance!

Reggie came when he was three months old. He was badly beaten and couldn't walk for a couple of days. He was missing teeth and was so thin when I picked him up a horrible sound came from his empty stomach. When he first arrived, my cat *Ross saw him and walked up and sniffed him...then laid down against Reggie's chest...put his arm around Reggie's neck...and put his head under Reggie's chin. He held him like that for over an hour. That was such a touching sight..a seven pound cat holding a twenty five pound puppy. When he could finally walk we would find Reggie sleeping with his food. The man who abused him later sued me in civil court to get him back. Thanks to a judge and a wonderful attorney who took my case pro bono, Reggie is still with me! When Sela's gifts arrived Reggie went nuts for the soccer ball that squeekes! *Ross is a black cat he came to me when he was two weeks of age, he had been abused by a child. The child threw him across a yard and later hurt him by throwing him down on concrete. He wasn't expected to make it. He has slight brain damage but is very loving.

Star was starved and abandoned very young. I named her Star as a good luck charm for the Walk of Fame. She is still fearful of many people. It took a couple of months to build up her muscles. She is a little slow on picking up on things but is so sweet and loving to those she doesn't fear. She now has her own leash and no longer has to share with Reggie. As you can tell from the photo, sleeping is one of her favorite hobbies. The squeek balls are her favorite gifts!

The calico kitten in the picture with the gifts is Val, Sela named her. She was abandonded at 1 week of age so I bottle raised her. She was covered in ringworm. She and the other cats stole the container of cat nip the other night and ate the entire contents! As you can tell from the photo above she loved the gifts!

The bird on Sela's shoulder in the banner photo is Sabastian. He was hit so hard his balance has been damaged. He self abused when he first came to us. Now he is so full of love, he calls me,"Mama" and my mom, "Grandma". One of his favorite things to say is to list the things he loves, " I love tickle tickle, I love gimme a kiss, I love taco." He is a taco junkie! His favorite gift was the bell...he laughs hysterically as he rings it!

They all have a story...all *20 of them. I just wanted to share a few so you would understand the impact Sela's generosity has had on their lives. It is very rare that a rescuer can supply the same luxery to their rescues as other people are able to provide their pets. Dishes, toys, leashes, treats, a warm sweater for my short haired chihuahua, a new bird cage, etc...(five boxes of supplies and toys) They aren't just rescues anymore...they now live like real pets! Nothing in this world means as much to me as my "babies". Words just can't do justice to how touched and thankful I am to Sela. God says humans entertain angels unaware....I am aware that Sela is one of those human angels! Sela you have touched my life in so many ways, thank you!

I am unable to accept donations so please consider donating to Sela's foundation Hope Village For Children.

*Brittany arrived on Feb. 24th..she is a Maltese, she was rescued from a puppy mill. Where for five years she lived in a small cage having babies for pet store sales. She was terribly underweight, has flat feet, had to have her front teeth removed and has a heart murmur. She is terrified of hands but is responding to affection.

A Wish

by Barbara Lewis

I wish I was a Rottweiler and I could carry a gun
I'd go after all those folks, who think that tortures fun
I gather up a gang of us, a Spitz, a chi, a hound
We'd travel in a motor home, and hunt these people down
We'd start with all the puppy mills, we'd open all their doors
And tell them all "run like the wind, and head for golden shores"
There's someone there that's waiting, with open arms for you
I promise you can trust them, they're animal rescue

If I could talk, I'd call the millers out into the night
I'd bear my teeth, and hold my gun and watch them shake in fright
And then I'd laugh and laugh and laugh and then I'd laugh some more
As I threw them in the wire cage and slammed the metal door

So its on to the next, Oh this is fun as we joke around with each other
We start drawing maps and making plans
Got alot of ground to cover.
There's a pit on the road, someone has dumped
We offer him a ride,
Its not hard to see the life he has led by the pain that's in his eyes.
We give him lots of food and drink, and he shows no aggression
He hears our plan and wants to join, and teach mankind a lesson

We're off again, to search this land for the murderers who went free
To teach the ones who stomped and burned and hung dogs from a tree
One by one we paid them back for everything they've done
And repeated their words back to them, "isn't torture fun?".
After days and days of traveling, gathering troops along the way
Thinking of our forever homes and the people who threw us away
We long for a loving family, Oh wouldn't that be neat!!!
Instead, they dump or beat us or have us put to sleep
Maybe we are not thru yet, there's many more folks to see
The judges and lawyers, the USDA or maybe the AKC.
We give all politicians giardia and mange, leave them on the highway by the side of the road
And strip them of their dignity, give them fleas and ticks abode.
I smile to myself as this vision dances in my head

My eyes grow very heavy, as I snuggle in this soft bed
I can hear in a far distance, dogs whinning and then a scream
When I wake up, I realize that this was all a dream
The wire digs into my side, my feet and body's sore
As I look down to the ones below that cold, hard, wire floor
I start to beg like all the rest, please set me free today.
I pray to God, I'd rather be dead then live this horrible way

And guess what, I'm not a rot nor do I have a gun
I'm just a little Dachshund, put on earth to play and run
To be loved by ALL humans, like every dog should be
But if I did have a gun right now, I'd use that gun on me.